Thursday, 26 October 2017

Discount on Car Rental Service And Car Rental at Delhi - Useful Tips

While you are planning to holiday car rental service is very convenient to use your own vehicle for traveling. You have other option is Airlines that always think of you, create a something wonderful. No matter where are you traveling you will find a car rental everywhere. The problem is always you face in car rental very expensive if you hire rates by phone or through the website. You can rent a car at the time while you are booking your air ticket or fixing date of travel. At that time you can get some discount or negotiate the cost of car rental service. Car rental in Delhi you can hire car on per day basis or per km basis ranging start from Rs 10 to Rs 15 per km or 250km/day.

•During the summer, car rental at Delhi is very nice as the everyone go on holiday; •A lot of responsibility with the use of the vehicle. •Take pictures at the rental car, before and after delivery. •You'll always be cheaper diesel fuel and the rental price is usually the same. •It should be well informed of prices, both by day and by mileage. •Find deals, which often focus on weekends or on specific days and we can save. •Ask what happens in case of failure, theft or fines. •If abroad, the vehicle will normally have third-party insurance. Check. Car hire has never been easier, simply decide the fate of your trip, buy tickets online and then to click on the option of renting a car and discover the different promotions that all businesses will be offered by the airline customer.

R S Tour & Travel Taxi service Delhi is the one-stop solution to cheap car hire. We assure you some of the cheapest car rentals to be found in Delhi. We also offer airport pick up service. We provide car rental service from almost all the major place of Delhi. For more information visit us at

Friday, 3 February 2017

The top most solution for Corporate car rental service

Rentals cars and taxi services in Delhi have become affordable and cheap. Corporate car hire service was never so easy and conducive. Travelling is the everyday need of an individual today. The company culture which has produced more in India got facilitated the need of travelling more for people. 

Incidentally, Delhi has turned into a dominating focal point with more and even more corporation in and around NCR area. Key corporate houses get their base in Delhi. Hence, Delhi has certainly be a corporate hub in the recent times. Most human population in Delhi and NCR might not have their own means of commuting and Delhi is not too friendly when it comes to method of public commuting. It can become quite challenging to travel from one location to the other in Delhi.

Travelling is a logjam in Delhi. The advantages of cab rental facilities in Delhi has performed out the hindrance of commuting. Cab rental facilities are incredibly easy and affordable with Cab Delhi. Pickup truck's cab Delhi offers inexpensive and attractive deals on car rental in Delhi. That they offer corporate services to various corporate houses at a nominal price. Pickup truck's cab Delhi has tied up due to its cab rental facilities with assorted corporate such as Korea Tourism, Ismart Panache, Guardian Phamacy, Edynamic, Astra Global, Impact, FDL and many more.

Our work is to be recognized as a global leader in Cab Rental for companies and the public and sector by partnering with the clients to provide the best and most useful Car Rental solutions and achieve service excellence. The strategy of Cab Delhi is to develop a worldwide approach across the organization where appropriate to assist in local businesses to grow. You will discover diverse packages available to make travel for corporate effortless and in their budget. This is the concept which provides a lot of convenience to employees. 

It will save one from the hard work of driving around after and before work several hours. With comfortable and affordable cab services, one can enjoy a pleasurable and peaceful ride to and fro from home to work. Cab Delhi provides successful, effective and safe services to the organization employees. It caters to question shift timings and provides overall flexibility to corporate residences especially BPOs. Vehicle can be chosen from a variety of well-maintained fast. Vehicle size can be purchased in accordance with one's requirement and need. Cab Delhi offers 24*7 cab rental businesses to facilitate simple comfortable travel for corporate houses.

Today car rental services is on boon for corporate in Delhi & NCR to make travelling easy, convenient and comfortable. R S Tour & Travel always available for online and phone booking for corporate. We always available on just a click or a phone call away. Our Corporate car rental service is now economical & affordable for everyone by R S Tour & Travel just visit us for more details :